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Learning web development on freeCodeCamp, alone? Join a squad.

Get matched up with a small group of dedicated peers learning to code. Stay accountable, get help, and learn together.

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Why Bother?

What makes learner squads better than learner communities?

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Smaller Circle

A smaller circle means you and your squad feel closer, more connected, and more likely to help each other.

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On the Same Boat

You're all on the same boat, moving forward and supporting each other in your very own learning journey.

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Learn Together

Learn directly from your peers and reinforce your own learning by helping others. Everybody wins!

How It Works

Once you've signed up, here's what we'll do.

1 Survey

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I'll ask you to complete a survey to give me a high level overview of your technical background, goals, availability and other preferences.

2 One-on-One Chat

We'll have a one-on-one chat to better understand why you're looking to learn web development, how much you already know, and whether or not I can actually help.

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3 Payment

Once we've talked, and when both of us are convinced that you'll find joining a squad helpful, I'll send you a link requiring you to make a $10 payment, secured by Stripe.
This is to ensure everyone's commitment.

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4 Squads Formed

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I'll use all the information that I've gathered from everyone, to carefully assign you and them into small groups of 4 to 6, called squads.

5 Learn Together

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You'll meet your peers on video, to introduce yourselves, talk about your backgrounds, goals and progress so far. Ask your squad for help, and be prepared to offer your help too. It's a great way to strengthen what you already know. Finally, weekly goal-settings and daily check-ins will keep you accountable!

You may be thinking...

Why isn't this free, like freeCodeCamp?

I'd love to make it free, but I have to make sure that you, and your peers will be fully committed to your teams. A small but not too small fee is the only way. It's not for my profit, and I'll donate 100% of it to freeCodeCamp.

How do I know where the money really goes?

The BlueDash revenue information is already public. I'll do the same for the donation amount to freeCodeCamp.

Are you affiliated with, or endorsed by freeCodeCamp?

Nope. They are however aware that BlueDash exists.

Can I get a refund?

Yes. If you change your mind before the squads are set up, or decide that it's not what you expected within 14 days of starting to learn with your squad, I'll refund your money in full.

Can I join with a friend?

Sure! Just let me know when you fill out the survey, or during our one-on-one chat.

If you donate everything, what's in it for you?

My end goal is to build a platform for connecting learners beyond freeCodeCamp. What I get out of this today isn't financial rewards, but learnings that I can use to bring me closer to that goal. It's a win-win!

What if I have a different question?

Please reach out to me through the chat thingy in the bottom right of this page. Ask me anything!

About Me

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Merott Movahedi

I'm a freelance web developer, working with awesome people and clients via Toptal – an elite networks of top developers, designers, and finance experts in the world.

“I believe that learning is a lifelong journey, and through BlueDash, I hope to make that journey as exciting as possible.”

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